Swindon Young Musicians E-News

        June 2018 Edition

 Upcoming Events

Special Offer code SYM18:For the Senior SYM Gala concert.

If you are a member of SYM, you, plus two adults, can access discounted tickets at £2.50pm each.  This is to encourage you to come and support the senior groups as well as giving you the opportunity to see what’s on offer as you progress through SYM.  To book your tickets visit the box office at the Wyvern theatre or book on-line, using the offer code by following the link: https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-swindon-young-musicians-gala-2018

Music For Youth National Finals at Birmingham Symphony Hall 4th July 2018

Once again, congratulations to Una Voce for being selected to perform at this year’s National Final event. You can see more about Music for Youth by following this link: http://www.mfy.org.uk/

We hope to be able to leave from the Platform on Wednesday 4th July at 11:30am.  We should aim to leave BSH straight after the performances and feedback (due to finish at 7:30pm), so home hopefully before 9:00pm?

 Senior Swindon Young Musicians Gala Concert The Wyvern Theatre 19th July 2018

Swindon Young Musicians (SYM) hold their musical extravaganza at the Wyvern Theatre on Thursday 19th July 2018.

The concert will showcase the very best of SYM including the Percussion ensemble, Guitar ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Quartet, Jazz Orchestra, Senior Wind Band and Youth Choir.  The choir will also feature a performance for the National Award Winning Una Voce, a six part acapella vocal group who will have just returned for their performance at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.  In addition to exciting array of musical talent on display, the concert will also have some very special guests.  The Waterloo Band and Bugles of the Rifles will also be performing with the youngsters, this will allow the young musicians of Swindon to play alongside professional musicians in the second half.  It will also feature two of our young music leaders as soloists playing with the army band.

One of the highlights of the concert will be a guest performance by one of Swindon’s premier Soprano soloists Lynn Hawkins.  Lynn is currently the Singing Champion for Swindon and works very closely with Swindon schools as well as heading up SYM.  This performance will be especially poignant, as this will be the last time that Major Peter Clark will direct The Waterloo Band as in February 2019, he will retire from the army after 47 years’ service.  Therefore, if you would like to catch Lynn and Peter perform at the Wyvern together, this will be your last chance to do so.

 Junior Swindon Young Musicians Concert The Platform 14th July 2018 From 9.30am

This concert showcases the hard work and dedication of our youngest students. At this event we will be awarding the annual SYM awards.  Please come along and support the students to make it a worthwhile experience for them.

 Rock School Swindon Young Musicians Gigs The Platform 8th & 9th July 2018 From 6.30pm

This year the gigs are going to be held at SYM’s home – The Platform. We will be offering a cabaret style evening with the audience sat at round tables.  There will be hot food and drinks available.

SYM Fees

As you are aware, we managed to postpone the increases set out by the council for April as mentioned in our last newsletter.

We also put in a request for a grant from The Friends of SYM to enable us to hold the fees again and to allow us to maintain the service as we go through the interim arrangements of setting up the new charity. Regrettably, this application was turned down.  Therefore, we will have to raise the fees as from September 2018.  To view the new fees click the link: https://www.swindonmusicservice.org/ensembles/swindon-young-musicians/membership-fees/

SYM Tuck Shop

From September 2018 The Friends have decided to stop providing a service on a Saturday. The new charity will however provide a service going forward.  We will also be providing a wider offer in terms of hot food in the colder months and a selection of food for lunches.

A Reminder about Outstanding invoices

Please can we ask that you ensure that your account is up to date by the end of July? This is important for us so we can ensure that the transition from the Council to the new Charity can be undertaken smoothly.  Also, can I remind those that have a standing order to ensure that your account is up to date by the need of July?  Furthermore, you will need to cancel your existing standing order with the bank before any payment in August. Remember, we cannot cancel a standing order for you!

We are exploring other alternatives for you to be able to pay the fees once the new charity is set up.

New Term start date for September 2018

  • Saturday SYM – 8th September
  • Tuesday Rock School – 11th September
  • Wednesday SYM – 12th September

You can access the yearly calendar from our website by following the link: https://www.swindonmusicservice.org/ensembles/swindon-young-musicians/forms-and-information/

Changes to SYM

We are considering making some changes to the SYM structure next term. At the moment we are still going through consultation and, as soon as well know, we will inform you of any changes.

  • The types of proposed changes are:
    • Senior Concert Band moving to a Saturday to encourage a better flow through of the younger students.
    • Wednesday evening becoming a Jazz/contemporary night.
    • A fresh look at Rock School to ensure we are delivering what the students want.
    • Looking to see if there is a need for a separate night for small ensembles to develop.